Ti-based shape memory alloys (SMA) for endovascular self-expanding stent

Fan Sun

Vascular stent is a tubular endoprosthesis inserted into the lumen of a vessel or duct to keep the passageway open. The modern self-expanding stent is a “smart”device which can automatically expand and adapt its shape to re-open a narrowed vessel constantly. This device is made of metallic materials with excellent shape-memory effect and biocompatibility. The 4-day project offers the students a full metallurgical practice starting from alloy design (Ti-Ni and Ti-Nb), ingot elaboration, material characterization until the fabrication of real-size stents and performance tests. This multi-discipline practice involves physical metallurgy, biomedical engineering, thermodynamic analysis, mechanical testing, electron microscopy and precision manufacturing.

Stent en alliage à mémoire de forme Ti-Ni et bille d’alliage